Landlord-Tenant Law

The Ybarra Legal Group is consistently considered one of the best landlord-tenant law firms.  Our attorneys help landlords and tenants resolve difficult legal disputes involving evictions, litigation and leases.

If you are presently involved in a landlord / tenant dispute regarding Eviction proceedings, contact our attorneys today to make an appointment for a comprehensive consultation.  Our Eviction and Unlawful Detainer Lawyers have helped numerous clients resolve these disputes effectively and efficiently, and we are proud to provide vigorous legal representation.

When you need experienced representation in an Eviction / Unlawful Detainer hearing, one of our lawyers can explain the process in its entirety and help ensure that you adhere to all of the required procedures. The law in California assigns specific rights and responsibilities to each party in a landlord / tenant relationship.

Our firm has handled many landlord-tenant matters for clients all over the country.  We have extensive experience includes:

  • Evictions/unlawful detainers
  • Landlord-tenant litigation on behalf of both landlords and tenants
  • Administrative hearings in front of state and federal agencies
  • Foreclosure evictions and defense
  • State and Federal Appeals
  • Contract drafting and interpretation

Our attorneys have assisted landlords, tenants, lawyers, and judges with their landlord-tenant questions.  Our firm handles all aspects of landlord-tenant law including matters involving post foreclosure evictions, litigation, collections and/or habitability concerns.

Please contact our team today to resolve your important legal issues.