Electronic Discovery Consulting and Litigation


Our professionals understand the electronic discovery cycle and have worked in the electronic discovery industry. We represent electronic discovery vendors that are in disputes with their clients, need pre-engagement consulting, and need to limit their risk while serving their clients. Also, we provide consulting services to law firms helping them comply with their discovery obligations.

If you are a vendor or law firm, please contact our firm today to help you meet your various electronic discovery obligations.


Vendors providing electronic discovery services are growing at an exponential rate. The increased regulation and competition among electronic discovery vendors is allowing their clients to demand more stringent contract agreements. In some situations, a vendor’s client will attempt to hold the vendor liable for not meeting its discovery obligations. Vendors must protect themselves by limiting their liability throughout the electronic discovery cycle.

One unintentional error or poor planning by an electronic discovery vendor could put the company at risk of litigation. A vendor should seek guidance concerning these and other issues before agreeing to an engagement with a client:

  • How delays in loading data will be handled?
  • How communication delays between the vendor and client will be handled?
  • How delays in the production of data will be handled?
  • What will be the quality control standard for production of documents?
  • What will be the quality control standard for the review of processed data?
  • How will delays because of viruses, hardware or software malfunctions, and user error be handled?
  • How long will the vendor maintain the client’s data?
  • What software and what version of the software will be used?
  • How will delays caused because of corrupt data be handled?
  • What reporting requirements will be necessary?
  • What will the process be to maintain a chain of custody of the data?

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